Your Multi-Car Garage Is Just a Click Away

Image of multi car garage in Miami.

FlexWheels makes flipping from car to car easy and fun with the guidance of a personal, always-available concierge. All you have to do is tell the concierge when you’re ready for a new car and which vehicle you want to cruise around in for the day or week. Making arrangements is easy – you can text the concierge or log into your account via the FlexWheels app and swiftly arrange the details of the swap.

One of the perks of being part of FlexWheels is having access to your own multi-car garage without the investment, maintenance or commitment to the vehicles. If you are a hands-on detailer and polisher, then sure, your own garage is ideal. But if you’re like most drivers – on-the-go, busy, in love with many car models or brands, then FlexWheels is the way to go.

Flipping cars in Florida has never been so simple and accessible.

Image of woman flipping cars in floridaAnybody – long-time car enthusiasts or drivers new to the car swapping scene are invited to get to know how it feels to have their own multi-car garage.

With FlexWheels, you can choose which type of vehicle you want for any occasion, for any amount of time. Consider space needed, Bluetooth capability or fuel efficiency for road trips. Maybe you just want to swing around town in a convertible with the top down with your best friend for the day. Whatever you’re in the mood for, whatever you need, we have you covered.

Can’t make up your mind about which car to swap out for?

No problem. Our concierge service was designed to get to know you, your preferences and your needs to bring you the perfect vehicle for every occasion. Let your personal concierge know what you’re up to, and they can match you with the right ride.

Once you select your car, the concierge will deliver it directly to your door and swap out the vehicles – it could not be any easier!

Access to a virtual multi-car garage is a perfect way to get to know your own driving and vehicle preferences. If you haven’t yet owned a car or found the vehicle you love, the flexibility of car swapping offers the opportunity to test-drive a number of makes and models. Get to know if you like how an All Wheel Drive handles, if you can’t live without big windows or Bluetooth or if you love the swiftness of a two-door coupe on the road. The more vehicles you test, the better you’ll become at handling automobiles, the more educated you will be regarding car models and brands and the more versatile your driving experience will be – naturally.

Multi-car garage membership also keeps your vehicle investment low-key as possible. There is no devaluation risk, no cautious maintenance necessary and you’re always given updated, clean, comfortable and luxurious vehicles to drive.

Give us your opinion and improve your experience. This helps us understand your driving preferences, so we can arrange the optimal auto drop every time.

If you live in Miami-Dade, Broward, Monroe or Palm Beach County, subscribe to a membership with FlexWheels and enjoy the luxury of vehicle flexibility. Joining FlexWheels requires no long-term commitment, ability to pause or cancel anytime, a month-to-month membership plan and a one-time joining fee.

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