What Your Car Type Says About You

Image of woman opening her luxury car in her Miami garage. Concept of what your car type says about you its owner and driver.Have you ever wondered what kind of car you should drive?

It might be something you’ve pondered while floating between car dealers or an idea you’ve tinkered with while holding the break behind a painfully slow driver.

Car types have a great deal to say about their drivers. Let’s take a look at what your car type says about your personality:

Image of two women sitting in a luxurious car in Miami. Concept of car type says about your personality.

Sports Car

Sports car drivers are typically for those that love the thrill of adventure and their ability to spontaneously travel is usually fueled by a successful career.


This is the data speaking: minivans are usually driven by parents. It’s just practical! Minivan drivers know how to rely on themselves and prefer to do so. They’re usually beyond the young adult phase, most ranging from 41-64. Minivan drivers tend to have multiple children and busy schedules to tend to.

Pickup Truck

The pickup driver is pretty peg-able: young, male, and in some cases, but not all, working in a field that requires a vehicle large and powerful enough to haul heavy equipment.


Ah, the hybrid driver! The hybrid driver lives between the dream world of abandoning a vehicle altogether to save the planet and the practicality of needing to get to work outside of suburbia in order make enough money to dream about abandoning a vehicle in comfort. This driver is more and more often young, environmentally conscious, educated and finally conscientious.

Best cars for adventure seekers

The best car for an adventure seeker depends less on the seeker and more on the adventure, a twist that any true adventure seeker knows. Adventures vary from impromptu date nights across the city to long winding road-trips up the coast for the weekend.

While the idea of adventure is often coupled with spontaneity, many trip enthusiasts are well-adjusted to the luxuries that a bit of comfort within adventure affords.

Our members enjoy romantic getaways in a convertible and weekend endeavors in a crossover. One of the biggest perks of being a part of the FlexWheels community is having your own personal concierge. If you let the concierge in on the adventure details, they will couple this information with your personal preferences to make sure you’ve got the keys to the perfect car at the start of the journey.

What about drivers who are not limited to one car type?

Let’s take a moment to discuss what type of personality opts into a flexible car commitment. Drivers craving flexibility in the car choice might be called indecisive on a bad day, but this indecisiveness stems from a life so rich and diverse, that quick decisions are necessitated by spur-of-the-moment opportunities.

FlexWheels members live fast-paced, luxurious lifestyles, but still find the space and time for life’s simplest pleasures. These drivers are spontaneous but calculated, fun-loving and full of adventure.

To learn more about joining the FlexWheels community and getting the keys to every facet of your ever-evolving personality, reach out to our team FlexWheels!

So, what does your car brand say about you?

Let us know in the comments!

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