What Are the Best Cars for City Driving?

What Are the Best Cars for City Driving

City driving is vastly different from country driving, especially when space is the medium for concern. Down a country road, you can drive a Ford truck and still have the capability to drive, park and navigate with ease. The same is not true for city driving.

In vast urban areas, like Europe, New York City, Chicago or Los Angeles, parking isn’t quite as abundant, and when you do park, you better hope you find a spot that is compact enough to wiggle your way in.

City driving is absolutely made or broken by the type of vehicle selected, and we are here to give you insight on which cars are the best for city driving by the standards of compactness, fuel economy, ability to maneuver, performance and, of course, style.

Read on to find out the good cars for city driving and which ones will serve your commute the very best.

Urban-friendly cars

An urban friendly car must be compact without sacrificing the same navigation and performance needed in case the commute in the city is coming from the outside. We have listed some electric and hybrid cars on this list especially for this reason. The vehicle climate is changing and more electric posts are available for a charge when the time is needed.

Of course, not every car that is eligible for the category of best cars for city driving will make the list, but we wanted to give an idea of what to look for in certain high-rated vehicles when the time comes to switch, buy or lease a vehicle for city driving.

So, here is our list of best cars for city driving:


  • 2017 Chevy Bolt: 53 miles of all electric capacity, the reliability of a Chevy brand and above average fuel economy make the Chevy the top if the list. The Volt is incredibly compact, affordable and sleek enough to make a statement in the city.


  • 2017 Kia Soul: This car is seen throughout cities for a reason. It is compact without sacrificing space for the driver and front passenger. Not only that, the Kia Soul has exceptional fuel economy and now offers a turbocharged engine.good cars for city driving
  • Toyota Prius: Another electric car for the win! The Toyota Prius is a tried and true favorite for city driving. Enjoy the comfort and space while also reaping the benefits of easy parking, 10 safety score, and has a backup fuel engine, just in case.
  • Honda Fit: The name says it all; the Honda Fit will fit, well, just about anywhere. This model is compact, sleek and has the ability to squeeze into the smallest spots. Despite the compactness on the outside, the inside is spacious and able to “fit” five.
  • Smart Fortwo (electric): What is in a name? Well, the Fortwo is… for two. It fits two comfortably, is teeny tiny on the outside yet allows for the driver to swerve through traffic with ease and park just about anywhere.
  • 2016 BMW i3: The BMW i3 is a sight to behold, and all electric. Like most electric vehicles it is compact and efficient. What sets the i3 apart from the competition is the luxury it embodies, which is perfect for city life. The i3 gets around 81 miles to a charge and has an interior made of renewable materials.
  • Honda Civic: When we think about one of the most reliable cars of all time, the Honda Civic is absolutely one that pops up over and over again. The Honda Civic is great on gas, durable and compact without sacrificing space for passengers. The beauty of the Civic is you’ll own it for years and years.
  • 2018 Fiat: The newest model of the Fiat is a sight to behold, and honestly, this list wouldn’t be comprehensive without it. The Fiat’s story is a tale as old as time. With a small body, compact nature and a surprising amount of space in the back and front, there is no going wrong with this brand. Tried and true in Europe and the US, you can go anywhere and do anything in the Fiat… as long as you stay in the city.



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