Want to Drive a Different Luxury Car Every Day in Miami?

Image of car outside miami mansion.By Miami.com

This new app can help with that.

What’s the hottest thing on four wheels?

FlexWheels, apparently.

The luxury vehicle subscription service recently launched in South Florida; it’s been described to us over at Miami.com as “basically a Netflix for cars.”

Leasing a car is so over. Now you can swap out and drive multiple luxury cars — in the same MONTH.

How it works: The FlexWheels app allows high rolling users to switch their car multiple times, from $1,100-$2,800 a month, based on their current mood/lifestyle.

Once you download, you’re able to drive, say, a Maserati for Friday date night on South Beach, then switch it out for a Range Rover for a family trip the next day.

Each membership offers a private car concierge, who comes and delivers your new, sweet ride.

Celebrity users include DJ Cedric Gervais, Miami Dolphins player Devonte Parker, and Miami Heat forward James Johnson.

Available in Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties, the luxe subscription service provides individuals and businesses with a luxurious alternative to owning or leasing a car that includes insurance, maintenance, unlimited miles, and fees.

FlexWheels, s the brainchild of the Warren Henry Auto Group, offers a garage of high-end vehicle options to fit the needs of a very auto-centric culture such as ours. You’ll get to zip around in a Porsche 911, Range Rover Discovery, Audi A4, Mercedes Benz G550 and Maserati Quattroporte, to name a few.

“FlexWheels is like owning a multi-car garage,” says the company “Subscribe and flip between cars as your needs change.”

Easier put: It’s a way for customers to tap into the cultural shift towards car sharing, without having to sacrifice luxury.

“I saw there was a need for a service that allows you to switch your car based on your current wants and needs,” said co-founder Erik Day. “Many small businesses who need
access to premium vehicles also choose to subscribe as a way to eliminate the headaches of a regular rental car service.”

FlexWheels now offers three membership tiers to fit a variety of needs: Discovery, Premier, and Dynamic, ranging from monthly plans to annual memberships. All plans include three flips per month, with the option to change plans at any time and add more flips for an additional fee.

The secret to looking like a baller in Miami? This new subscription service.

More info: flexwheels.com 786-613-4302

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