The Luxury Car Subscription of Choice

Image of luxury car in miamiFlexWheels offers the premier option for car subscriptions Miami. Get acquainted with the freedom of driving any car, anytime, and without the hassle of ownership or maintenance when you sign up to be part of the FlexWheels community.

Here’s why FlexWheels is Miami’s luxury car subscription of choice:

Swap your vehicle whenever you want to change it upImage of woman in a car.

Enjoy the luxury of flipping your car up to eight times a month, for whatever occasions arise, whenever! When you’re ready for a new vehicle, sign on to the FlexWheels app or send a text to let the concierge service know what you’re looking for and when, and we’ll get it delivered to your doorstep. If you want to swap out more than eight times a month – no problem, a small service fee of $50 can accommodate the request. If you’re planning a cross-country road trip, know you’re good to go in a FlexWheels vehicle for up to 5,000 miles. With that much mileage, the options are endless.

Work with your own personal concierge

Working with FlexWheels concierge is something like having a car expert in your back pocket that delivers your auto dreams to your door. It’s incredible. Let our concierge know what type of vehicle you’re looking, what type of driving you’re getting up to, or both. As we get to you know and your preference, we can tailor each driving experience so that each swap is comfortable, memorable and as luxurious as can be.

Be part of the movement toward less as more

Your options are many with FlexWheels, which is a premium luxury to enjoy. All with less ownership, less time spent with one vehicle, and less attachment. As technology pervades the infrastructure of society, our cultures will lean toward more sharing, more collaborating and finding more ways to enjoy the most out of the least.

Commitment is a soft investment

When you sign up with FlexWheels, you’ll enjoy the flexibility of no long-term commitment and the option to pause or cancel at any time. Our month-to-month membership plan allows you to keep your driving and car preferences endlessly open.

Preferences are always considered and delivered

Although our team will remember to account for peripheral details for you, be sure to mention any primary car needs, such as extra luggage room, leg room, more seats, fuel efficiency, etc. Our concierge will find the right balance of needs and preferences. The more we work together and the more swaps we arrange, the more we will get to know you and your driving desires. Our team is always open to feedback and in the event of a delivery of an unwanted vehicle, we will swap it out for a new car right away.

Driving never gets old

Spice up your driving experience by mixing in new vehicles and swapping out old preferences for new ones. As new features find their way to the market, you can test-drive them to determine whether or not they are staples in your auto life.

Insurance is included

FlexWheels memberships include insurance policies with deductibles between $500 and $750. For more information regarding insurance policies, refer to our website or reach out to the FlexWheels team.

The reasons to join a car swapping service are many, and FlexWheels is the best membership to subscribe to! If you have any hesitations about joining a car swapping program, reach out to our team to find the answers to all your questions and to hear testimonials and advice from clients. The road ahead is smooth and full of fun when you opt to drive or ride in any vehicle you choose. Get in touch with our team to learn more and become part of the FlexWheels community.

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