Sedan vs Coupe: What’s the Difference

what is the difference between a sedan and a coupe

What is the difference between a sedan and a coupe?

Coupes are best known for their flashy, sporty styles and sex appeal contained within two doors while sedans tend to get a rep for four-door reliability and luxurious status. But coupes and sedans often blur these lines. Check out what distinguishes a coupe from a sedan to help determine which vehicle type is best for you.



what makes a car a coupe

What makes a car a coupe?

Many prospective buyers ask what does a coupe mean in cars besides a symbol of luxurious fun? Here are some of a coupe’s defining qualities:


Coupes started tooting their horns in the 1800s as carriages were shortened to more easily accommodate passengers’ entrance into the cars. Today, a coupe is one of the most popular styles of cars.

Two doors

Coupes have two doors, making them the choice vehicle for singles or couples. Two doors make the coupe easier to park, easier on gas mileage and zippier to maneuver.


Coupes can be convertibles, giving drivers and passengers the luxury of space by fresh air and blue skies. Convertible coupes make the perfect whip for summer days frolicking around town.

Limited space

Coupes have limited space for your precious cargo – including additional passengers, luggage and anything else you might be toting around town.

Need for speed

Coupes are small, tight and quick. If you want a fun day flooring through the city, a coupe is your answer.

Who drives coupes?

Coupes are perfect for economy-minded drivers who love a thrill and who do not have to worry about getting families from point to point.



why are coupes more expensive than sedans

What makes a car a sedan?

A sedan has four doors, more length, more space and more headroom. Sedans are practical, luxurious and stable vehicles that last drivers a long time.

Four doors

The most noticeable aesthetic difference between a coupe and a sedan is door count: sedans have two more doors than coupes, meaning more space and easier entrances.  

Accommodate a family

If you have a family or are hoping to start a family, a sedan is a more practical option than a coupe, as you will have a spacious back seat for extra passengers.

Trunk space

Beyond more headroom and space in the backseat, sedans can afford more space for luggage in the trunk.

Who drives sedans?

Successful couples typically opt for sedans, as they maintain prestige and authority but invite space for kids and the beginning of a family in the backseat.

Why are coupes more expensive than sedans?

Coupes are typically more expensive because they tend to be sports cars. They have upgraded engines, nicer interior, higher quality entertainment systems and nicer paint. Coupes have lower production numbers and are typically shipped from overseas, further racking up their demand, value and price tags.


Flex Wheels Coupes and Sedans

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