FlexWheels Delivers Speed Demons on Demand

FlexWheels Delivers Speed Demons on Demand

Part of the FlexWheels fleet of luxury vehicles available through an app-based service.

By Eric Barton

For Miami Indulge


If you’re an automobile aficionado, no doubt you’ve pondered this question that’s nearly as old as the combustion engine: What cars would you want in your dream garage? Test out your short list with FlexWheels, an app-based subscription service that runs $1,200 to $2,800 a month.

Use your smartphone to select the types of cars you want, and when you want them delivered, and a concierge will drop them off at your home or office.

High-end options include top-of-the-line models from BMW, Mercedes, Range Rover, Maserati, Jaguar and Porsche – meaning your actual garage can include all of them.

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