Cars That Most Attractive People Drive

Cars that most attractive people drive

When it comes to making first impressions, the car you pull up in says a lot about you. Even as you walk away from a happy hour and hit your automatic ignition start, people notice which car in the lot lights up as yours.

While luxury cars have a general appeal across both sexes, certain models reflect more desirably upon men or women. When making a new acquaintance or becoming a recurring partner in crime, the car you drive communicates aspects of your character that you don’t get into conversation deeply enough to divulge.

Attractiveness is an undeniable element of our lives. Men are the most appealing in masculine, sport-style luxury vehicles. Women get a little more wiggle room, attracting their partners in powerfully masculine luxury models or in sleek, feminine luxury rides.

Here are the cars that the most attractive people drive:


Most Attractive Cars for Guys

  • Coupes

Coupes are the best cars for single men. Men attract their partners in a coupe, making it clear that they have room for only one passenger in their lives. There is nothing more tantalizing than the person you are attracted to whipping around town with another special someone in their own available coupe seat. In a FlexWheels partnership, men prefer the Porsche 911 coupe, BMW M3, Audi TT.

  • Sedans

A sedan communicates a position of power, class and understated success. Sedan drivers have the means for luxury and flexibility, but they choose to get behind the wheel of a staple luxury car. The Maserati Quattroporte, Porsche Panamera, Jaguar XJL and Audi A7 make the most attractive luxury sedans for men.

  • SUVs

Men are perhaps the most attractive in SUVs, communicating luxury, capability, strength and style. Prospective partners are most attractive to men driving the Mercedes G550, Range Rover

Mercedes G550, Ford Platinum, Porsche Macan GTS and Mercedes GLC300.


Most Attractive Cars for Women

  • Coupes

Coupes make a power play for women, too. They communicate the same message to potential partners as they do for men: that there is only room for one passenger. It is human nature to compete and outpace fellow suitors, so a coupe quickly heightens the race for the driver’s approval and affection. Women who drive the Flex Wheels fleet prefer the Porsche 911 Coupe and the Mercedes E Class.

  • Sedans

Women driving sedans are boss. They are telling their fellow drivers on the road, first acquaintances and friends that they don’t need to run in the race of flashy coupes and convertibles; they’re comfortable in reliable luxury that will keep them protected and powerful on the road. The Porsche Panamera, Mercedes CLS, and Jaguar XE are the most attractive cars for single women.

  • SUVs

SUVs communicate that women are capable of anything a man would typically execute from behind the wheel of an SUV. Women are most attractive in a Mercedes G550, Range Rover Sport and Mercedes GLC300.


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