Best Vehicles for Road Trips

Best Vehicles for Road Trip in South Florida

Getting your crew in the car for a road trip this summer is one of best ways to see places you’ve had on your bucket list for too many years and to maximize quality time that is too limited in our present day.

Remind Your Family How Much You Love Hanging out

Want to strengthen your bond as a family? Round the kids up in a Range Rover Sport while you glide silently across highways to new delights for all your senses.

best cars to rent for long road trips

Take advantage of playing brain busting games along the way or invite your kids to relax to quiet entertainment while you catch up with your partner behind the dash of summer’s specular scenery. The school year makes it easy to prioritize school work, sports, and friends; a summer road trip reacquainted everyone with one another and with magnificent Mother Nature.

Share Memories with Friends

Does everyone have a wedding-free, family-free weekend this summer? Get your crew together and head out on the road for natural, raw art and new memories together. Road trips maximize your time spent together – sharing stories, showing music and trading witty banter while you trek along the coast of the country.

best vehicle for cross country road trip

Forget flights and flashy hotels for a weekend this summer. Instead, indulge your inner nature child and opt for a smooth blaze into the wild and a couple of Airbnb’s tucked softy beneath the stars.

Why Take a Luxury Car on a Road Trip, Won’t I Trash It?

Taking a luxury car for your getaway gives you a chance to try out a new vehicle, make space for kids’ (hey, or grown-ups!) toys and to enjoy the scenery around you as your curve into a new adventure. Even in inclement weather, if you have what and who you need for a smooth ride, comfortable nights and memorable conversation, nothing can get in the way of an unforgettable road trip.

Here Are the Hot Cars for SoFlo Summer:

Land Rover Range Rover

When you are eyeing the best vehicle for a cross-country trip, there is no overlooking the classic activity-bound Land Rover, especially its new Range Rover.

Land Rover Range Rover

A Land Rover Range Rover will carry you across the country without feeling the bumps and bruises of roads well-traveled along the way. Relax behind touch-sensitive steering wheel switches, a connected tech system and the Touch Pro Duo 10” infotainment system that will guide you safely to and from your destination.

Maserati Quattroporte

Sneaking away to somewhere far? Look no further than the Maserati Quattroporte for the best car for going long distances.

best car for traveling long distances

The Quattroporte contains in its petite SUV body the essentials of luxury you want with you on long stretches of highway and backroads. Stay comfortable in any weather conditions, keep passengers comfortable with ample leg room and feel as beautiful and nourished along the drive as your will when you arrive at your destination and soak in the scents of a fresh forest, wild country or cool and crisp northern ocean air.

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