American Made Cars vs. Foreign Cars

American Made Cars vs. Foreign CarsIn this modern age, we are able to learn more about foreign and domestic cars by completing a simple search on the internet. Despite the ease of the internet, there are still certain questions a car owner has, like are foreign cars more reliable than American cars or what the difference is between American made cars vs foreign cars.

Over time cars and their functions have vastly changed. In fact, for many brands, the function and capabilities in vehicles changed from year to year. If you are finding it difficult to keep up with the changing face of cars, models, brands and where they come from, we have broken it down to make it easy for anyone to understand the differences and make the decision on which is better or more preferred, once and for all.

While some Americans believe American-made cars are the most reliable, there are considerable conversations being had about the reliability and high-quality of European, Japanese and Korean cars. So, sit back, buckle up and let’s get started talking about cars, American made vs. foreign cars.

Getting started with understanding brands

For as long as cars have been around, they have been fixed and branded with a name, something to differentiate themselves from the competition. In the beginning, there were just a few different models, but now one brand has hundreds, if not thousands of models. In the US, cars were either GM (General Motors) or Ford and considered domestic to Americans.

Japanese markets and European markets had their own brands, as well. Rolls-Royce, Fiat, Vauxhall, Peugeot, Renault and others dominated the market. In Japan and Korea, Toyota and Kia are King, yet we see them in the US domestically quite often.Are foreign cars more reliable than American

Which is more reliable? Foreign or domestic?

In the early years of car manufacturing, American made cars were less reliable than the foreign competition, mainly based on weak fuel economy numbers, the higher cost of labor among other social and economic factors. Because the Japanese, and for the most part Europeans were able to dominate the market, American cars were deemed unreliable and used less frequently.

But don’t count the Americans out…

In the last 10-15 years, experts in the automotive industry agree that the Americans have stepped up their game and brands like Chevy and Ford have been given the same credit as foreign cars. From all around quality to performance and reliability, American cars are in the same ranks with European and Japanese automakers year after year. Proving they do have the skill and reliability to rub shoulders with the vintage crew.Are American cars reliable

The cost of manufacturing domestically vs abroad

Although American-made vehicles have cheaper car parts, this is in large part due to the fact that many are less costly because they are foreign-made due to high labor costs in the US. Does this mean they are less reliable? No. It simply means US cars are generally cheaper, and at times that doesn’t sit well with a price comparative market.

Understanding a difference in function

From a manufacturing standpoint, American cars are generally considered larger than foreign brands while foreign-made cars have a focal point on efficiency in using small spaces, as most cars are driven in cities or to cities where space is limited.

Likewise, American cars are considered durable, tough and able to brave the rough and rugged roads they sometimes have to endure on farms, country roads and in the mountains. Foreign cars are often considered luxurious and sleek.  

Is it all based on individual perspective?

If you ask a city-going Parisian if their small compact car is reliable, the answer based on the owner’s needs would be yes. A Kansas based farmer with an F-150 will say his truck is reliable and tough, giving it an adequate rank. If the Kansas farmer had a Mercedes Benz, he might not rank it quite as high.

The answer of reliability is truly individual and makes it difficult to rank overall. We believe that there are certain models that soar above the rest, while others might have some work to do. Either way, speak to multiple dealerships when shopping for a vehicle and consider your needs before buying a vehicle.

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