driving in extremely hot weather

Tips for Driving in Hot Weather

Summer inspires many to engage in outdoor adventures, traveling and other ways to enjoy the warm kiss of the sun. However, driving in a sweltering 120 degrees may take a toll on all of that joy. If you think you’re having a bad time sitting in rush hour traffic with the sun beaming down on…

Cars that most attractive people drive

Cars That Most Attractive People Drive

When it comes to making first impressions, the car you pull up in says a lot about you. Even as you walk away from a happy hour and hit your automatic ignition start, people notice which car in the lot lights up as yours. While luxury cars have a general appeal across both sexes, certain…

what is the difference between a sedan and a coupe

Sedan vs Coupe: What’s the Difference

What is the difference between a sedan and a coupe? Coupes are best known for their flashy, sporty styles and sex appeal contained within two doors while sedans tend to get a rep for four-door reliability and luxurious status. But coupes and sedans often blur these lines. Check out what distinguishes a coupe from a…

What Are the Best Cars for City Driving

What Are the Best Cars for City Driving?

City driving is vastly different from country driving, especially when space is the medium for concern. Down a country road, you can drive a Ford truck and still have the capability to drive, park and navigate with ease. The same is not true for city driving. In vast urban areas, like Europe, New York City,…

American Made Cars vs. Foreign Cars

American Made Cars vs. Foreign Cars

In this modern age, we are able to learn more about foreign and domestic cars by completing a simple search on the internet. Despite the ease of the internet, there are still certain questions a car owner has, like are foreign cars more reliable than American cars or what the difference is between American made…

Reasons to Drive a Luxury Car

Reasons to Drive a Luxury Car

Drivers opt for luxury vehicles for a number of reasons, ranging from high tech to a pure passion for exquisite cars. Whatever your reason is for preferring luxury vehicles over regular brand models, FlexWheels has the fleet to deliver you the experience you’re looking for plus the added benefit of unparalleled convenience. Let’s Take a…

Best Vehicles for Road Trip in South Florida

Best Vehicles for Road Trips

Getting your crew in the car for a road trip this summer is one of best ways to see places you’ve had on your bucket list for too many years and to maximize quality time that is too limited in our present day. Remind Your Family How Much You Love Hanging out Want to strengthen…

Image of woman opening her luxury car in her Miami garage. Concept of what your car type says about you its owner and driver.

What Your Car Type Says About You

Have you ever wondered what kind of car you should drive? It might be something you’ve pondered while floating between car dealers or an idea you’ve tinkered with while holding the break behind a painfully slow driver. Car types have a great deal to say about their drivers. Let’s take a look at what your…

Image of highway to Key West Island, Florida Keys. One of the great Weekend Road Trips from Miami.

Weekend Road Trips from Miami & the Car You’ll Want for Them

Are you itching to get out of Miami for a weekend? With FlexWheels, it’s easy to swap out your vehicle and soak up a change of pace for a couple of days. Treat yourself to a weekend getaway from Miami with our concierge’s recommendations below. Once you’ve chosen your dream destination for your mini vacation,…

Image of FlexWheels at Miami Open Tenis Tournament.

FlexWheels Joined JetSmarter to Create a One of a Kind Miami Open Tennis Experience

FlexWheels announced event collaboration with exclusive aviation membership service, JetSmarter. On March 21st, JetSmarter members were invited for an afternoon at the Ritz Carlton’s premier tennis club in Key Biscayne to hit with the world-renowned tennis player, Grigor Dimitrov. The exclusive event included unlimited glasses of Perrier-Jouët Belle Epoque Champagne and cocktail-hour served hors d’oeuvres…


BMW 230i, Cadillac XTS, Land Rover Discovery Sport



Porsche Boxster, Audi A7 Prestige, Porsche Macan GTS



Porsche 911, Maseratti Quattroporte, Mercedes G550