About FlexWheels

Hello South Florida

FlexWheels is a team of innovators that saw a need to create options for your vehicle selection options that fits your daily wants and needs. Being the only one of its kind, FlexWheels brings complete flexibility and ease to fulfill your demands. Our team of Concierges eagerly await your next vehicle “Flip” request. Take the time now to subscribe to our app to see what the buzz is all about.

Clutch Technologies

Clutch is building a platform to enable the automotive industry to offer subscription access to vehicles. Clutch “flipped” their pioneer members into vehicles in June 2014. Since then, they’ve been thrilled to see members doing more in life and creating memories. Clutch is now working with the automotive industry to roll out subscription access across America. The mission is to put a garage of vehicles in everyone’s pocket.

The Clutch team comprises experienced entrepreneurs, technologists and car enthusiasts. Clutch Technologies is a Kenzie Lane company headquartered out of Atlanta, Georgia.

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